Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why do I have to run updates all the time?

How many times have you sat down at your computer only to be overwhelmed with applications requesting to install an update? Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, Firefox, Chrome, System Security Updates, and so many others ALL have updates ALL the time! Why can't they just be happy? Why haven't they fixed the software yet?

Some of those updates are where the developers of the application have discovered something wrong and need to fix it. Other updates are actually adding new features and functionality to the application. However, most updates these days, especially for the applications listed above, fall into the "Security Update" category.

Those updates come out so frequently because malevolent individuals are constantly pouring over these applications trying to find glitches that they can exploit to put a virus on your computer. The only way that the developers can prevent these attacks on your computer is to send you an update that fixes the glitch. They aren't trying to annoy you with updates. On the contrary, they are working to protect you and your private data from cybercriminals!